Creative Practitioner.
Catalyst. Musician.

MIKE MCGROTHER has worked across the education, arts and regeneration fields for the past 20 years. His employment and engagements throughout the UK and Europe have resulted in the building up of a wealth of cross-sector experiences and a unique understanding of the ways that education, arts and other organisations can work together effectively.

Mike has a passion to see the creative learning opportunities for young people increased and embedded as part of their school and life choices. He believes that every child should be given the chance to realise their potential and that the arts must play a pivotal role in the lives of all young people – creating innovative projects that are realistic, robust and revolutionary!

Creative learning, training and mentoring, arts facilitation, curriculum development and a unique ability to both uncover and nurture individual and organisational potential sum up what Mike is about.

He initiates innovative partnerships with other professionals in a multitude of ways to make a difference to the way people operate across the board. Mike loves removing barriers and creating the context to make good things happen!

“Mike is an inspirational motivator and speaker. He has an incredible knowledge and passion for the arts and creative teaching and learning. He always puts a smile on peoples faces with  his fantastic sense of humour.”